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The value of a piece of jewellery should not just last a lifetime, but it should span generations. We create timeless pieces that are truly individual.

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Looking To Remodel?

Have you ever wondered what to do with those odd or old bits of jewellery you have sitting in a drawer or why on earth you still even have them??


Let’s face it, we are all guilty of not throwing things away because, maybe, just maybe we might need it... for something… or some occasion… one day… But you probably also know that for the majority of us that one day never actually comes. 
Or perhaps you’ve inherited a piece from dear old aunt Mavis,  whom you have never actually met and although you cannot bear to wear it, you can feel eyes from above watching you and karma tells you not to get rid of it…   and so it joins the graveyard of jewellery in the forgotten drawer.
Well, help is at hand. There is a way that you can resurrect that old stash in your drawer, give dear Mavis’ heirloom a new lease on life and create a new piece that suits you now or that you, yourself, may want to pass on to other generations; and the cycle continues.

Remodelling jewellery, whatever the reason is a fun way to express or re-invent your style or complement what you already have.

Did you know that in many cases you can reuse your old gold and metals? 

This can be a very sentimental way to incorporate the old piece into a new design and a wonderful way to honour a memory. Precious stones can also be repolished and re used in a design. Maybe the old diamond or gemstone is the central focus of the design, perhaps showcased with the addition of other smaller stones to create a brand new look.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where our mothers or wives pass away. I am often asked to redesign jewellery, sometimes a wedding or engagement ring that belonged to that special woman, for another family member, usually the daughter. I truly believe it is a wonderful way to cherish the memory of a loved one and still have a piece of jewellery that can be tailored to suit their own taste and style.

There are also women who choose their engagement rings and love it one day and wake up years later to find they have really grown to dislike it. Sadly this often means they end up not wearing it.  Honestly, I think it’s more important to still like your husband. And as hard at times this may be – it’s better than trying to remodel him!!

Also after a period of time, metal and settings suffer wear and tear and it is often better to remake the whole piece instead enduring a lifetime of repairs which can, at the end of the day be waste of money especially if you are now not particularly fond of the ring. So if you pitch it right to your husband, I guarantee he will think you are very clever to not waste “his” money on repairs and it is far, far better to “invest” in a new piece. And remind him of the old saying…”happy wife …happy life”.

By now I’m sure you’re all thinking about your own drawers and what little treasures you may find in there. Go on, bring them out into the fresh air and let’s work together to ensure they never end up there again.

Happy Remodelling,



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